Potential Properties…

1451 Granite Hills Dr.

11136 Ivy Hill Drive
Scripps Ranch $449,900 / Researched the comps and suggested values are $500-$525,000, BUT… there is a short sale on the same street that’s listed at $466,000.  This property needs about $20-$25,000 worth of work.  Don’t see the risk/reward here.

1207 Lyons Lane
El Cajon $240,500 / Comps in area suggest $350,000.  Could be more as it’s a very big lot and has a (unpermitted?) granny flat; but conservatively let’s go with $350,000.  Looks like it needs $50,000 worth of work.  List agent says “Very Motivated” and “Bring all Offers” so maybe can pick this up for around $220,000?  Might make sense down there.

854 Sumac Place
Escondido $295,000 / Comps median is $297,000 and the High is only $359,000.  Don’t see any profit here.