About The unRealty Group

The UnRealty Group
We’re not for everyone – soup to nuts we are unLike any real estate agency you’ve probably ever encountered.  We don’t compromise our clients’ interests, and we won’t discount ours.  We don’t hesitate to challenge expectations, and we won’t stop until we’ve raised yours.

We focus on our clients’ expectations; first by challenging them, and ultimately by raising them… substantially.

We love what we do.  We run a very unique real estate and lending group.  Why is it unique?  Because our goal is not the standard: “Client Satisfaction” or “Excellence You Deserve” or “Finding Your Dream Home”.  These all sound nice on a business card, but let’s face it: in our industry the standard for hitting these cliches is pretty low.

After learning about us, you may decide we’re not for you. You may prefer the devil you know, and go with an agent or lender who more typically fits the image  you have come to know. That’s alright – that’s how this is supposed to work.  How it has to work, really.  Because there are very, very few of us, and lots and lots of them.

But we’re doing our best to change that… one client at a time.

If you’re still here reading this, then I’ve probably tapped into a question you yourself have already had.  Or maybe it was just plain common sense. Maybe you’ve asked yourself some of the “Why” questions over there on the next column as well.  And since you’re still here reading, allow me to say:  ”Welcome.”

Welcome to a new vision in Real Estate, though it’s not so much a vision as an expectation.  It’s also a movement, and we certainly didn’t invent it; but we passionately adhere to it… to being unRealtors. You can read more – much more – on the pages inside.  We hope to answer some of your questions and, better still, raise some new ones.  Just so long as we’re elevating your expectations.

What you’ve read here so far, was obviously not written by some feel-good, public relations firm, hired to give you warm and fuzzy feelings about us. We wrote it ourselves and it has only one purpose: to raise the bar; the bar of client expectations, the bar of excellence in the real estate profession, and the bar for results. It may not appeal to everyone (it is apparently not very appealing to many in our profession)… But if it appeals to you, I guarantee you’ll never search for another lender, or real estate agent again.

We are The unRealty Group. We look forward to assisting you in all of your Real Estate related needs or, at the very least, challenging everything you thought you knew about real estate agency.  Unreal? No… unRealtor.