Welcome to a new vision in Real Estate, though it’s not so much about vision as it is expectations… and how to raise them. Our goal here is not to convince you that The unRealty Group is the greatest idea since sliced bread (though we do think sliced bread is over-rated). It is to raise your expectations of what real estate and mortgage lending can be… should be… to a much higher level.

Please take some time to look around this site. A good place to start is with the questions asked to the right, under the column Buying or Selling a Home. The very questions themselves will give you an idea what we mean when we say we are different… and better. Your home is likely the largest investment – both financially and emotionally – you own. When hiring a firm to help with the purchase, sale and financing of your home, shouldn’t the first question be Why? Why should I hire you to handle such an important asset of mine? Why are you planning to take any of the steps you are planning to take? Why are those steps going to lead directly to my goals? And if they are… Why aren’t other firms doing the same things? These are the kinds of questions that ensure your goals are the only goals, for whomever you hire. And these are the kinds of questions that will raise your expectations of the Real Estate industry.

We’re happy to compete for your business at that new level. We’ll even bring the bread slicer…

The Reason for Boundless Optimism

This, from a wonderful op/ed piece in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend entitled: From Phoenicia to Hayek to the ‘Cloud’ by Matt Ridley.

The crowd-sourced, wikinomic cloud is the new, new thing that all management consultants are now telling their clients to embrace.  Yet the cloud is not a new thing at all.  [...]

The Next Big (Tech) Step in Real Estate?

I watched the following video earlier this week and was blown away.  The basics of what’s described (kind of a mobile computer/projector/app device) are not that complicated; as a matter of fact, the mock up is made from off the shelf components.  Imagine when these are combined into one sleek pendant hanging on a stylish chain…

The video shows [...]

The Sky is Falling! (and so are loan limits)

There are more changes coming to the residential lending world (all those surprised by that, please stand on your head and whistle).  The Fed is maintaining the conforming loan limit of $417,000, but is lowering the non-conforming, conforming loan limits.  The what now?  A little background might help: in 2008 Fannie Mae’s charter was expanded to allow loan [...]

The Coffee House Crisis

With all the talk lately about the new lending regulations that will apply on April 1st, a similar set of new laws and regulations has been completely overlooked.  I felt it prudent to bring this unsettling situation to light.

As you may or may not be aware, over the past few years there have been [...]

Shouldn’t Sellers Invoice Listing Agents?

I suppose it’s pretty rare that a seller actually hands their listing agent an invoice during the course of a listing, but it shouldn’t be. Based on what I see, the vast majority of listing agents should be billed by the seller, same as they would be by any other third party vendor. The fact [...]

“Greece is the Word, is the Word, is the Word…”

Some of us, here on BHB and elsewhere, have been arguing that a collapse is coming.  A financial collapse due to the almost incomprehensibly fraudulent practices of the local, state and federal governments.  A fraud so immense that most of us can’t even begin to wrap our minds around it.  In my home state of California, [...]

California’s State Mascot: The Super-Nanny

I’m just throwing out a guess here, but I’ll bet man has been burning wood and creating fire for around 40,000 years.  Fire: creator of warmth, food, light… you get the picture.  Basically, it comes down to this: if you’re in the wild and you can’t get a branch lit, odds are your odds are [...]

“Divorced Commissions”

FIRST SAYING “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that line hundreds of times and, generally speaking, don’t doubt the truth of it. Yet, we are forever hoping we might… just this once… maybe… find a free lunch.  That’s alright when it comes to shopping for something small like, oh, say: [...]

Can You Fly?

Earlier this year, the imaginary nature of limitation was laid bare for me by my 4 year old son. I was taking him to school on a fine, crisp morning and it was too beautiful to drive. As we walked along, holding hands, we watched a large, black bird make lazy circles in the sky. [...]


You can hire a standard agent, and get what everybody else gets; or you can hire The unRealty Group. We want our clients to view standard real estate practice and ask "WHY?":

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"Any monkey can do a mortgage when everything goes right. The reason I use you, is because when something goes wrong -and it always does with lending - I know you will still get it done for my client."

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Most of the financial world works on a fee basis: attorneys, accountants, financial planners and so on. Yet real estate agents work on a relatively fixed commission. Does it make sense to you that an agent earns more money just because a home costs a buyer more money? Not to us either... maybe that's because we came from the securities industry where "suitability" is the key concept and transparency is required.

There is another way: ask us for details...


We're written a small book on investing in residential real estate. From the four valuations an investor should use to assign value, to an Infinite Investment Strategy. Too often, Small Cap investors are either ignored by the large, commercial firms or under-served (sometimes egregiously) by residential agents with no background. Read this Series of articles and contact us for all of your investment needs.